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postheadericon Air Impact Markers

Air impact markers are a simple, durable and fast solution for marking metal and steel. Their versatility makes them great for integration and turn key solutions.

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Printer Friendly This catalog is full of all the latest improvements. Some of the new features include: additional approach stroke lengths, integrated position sensors, and low-maintenance Non-lube options. Each model includes bullet points calling out specific features, an easy-to-use How to Order chart and print dimensions. This catalog also discusses the different types of holders, accessories and special applications including Numbering Heads and Retro-Fit Valve Packs.

Product Listing

Link  to Mite-E-Mark page Mite-E-Mark: This air operated marking tool offers 18 times the force of an air cylinder with the same bore. Compact construction allows this marker to be installed in limited space.
Link to Single Acting 3 ton page Single Acting 3 Ton: The Columbia model 88 impact marking cylinder is a rugged air cylinder with a built in stamp holder at the rod end. The 88 delivers a powerful impact blow of up to 3 tons at 80 psi.
Link to Single Acting 8 Ton page Single Acting 8 Ton: The Columbia model 98 heavy duty impact marking cylinder is similar to the model 88 marker. However, the 98 delivers a much greater impact force (up to 8 tons at 80psi).
Link to Double Acting 3 Ton page Double Acting 3 Ton: The patented design of the model 288 gives a marking pressure of 3 tons (or 6,000 lbs) which results from using 2.25" stroke with 80 psi air pressure.
Link to Double Acting 8 Ton page Double Acting 8 Ton: The patented design of the model 298 gives a marking pressure of 8 tons (or 16,000 lbs) which results from using 2.25" stroke with 80 psi air pressure.
Link to Robotic Mount 1 ton page Robotic Mount 1 Ton: Compact and lightweight in design, the model 75S and 85S single action air hammers are pressure activated. Mount onto robotic arm and present to part, or vice-a-versa. The force required for actuation is equivalent to the air pressure being used.
Link to Side-A-Mark 6 Ton page Slide-A-Mark 4 Ton: The Columbia model 451 is the smallest of the Slide-A-Mark series. The solid cast iron construction contributes to the quiet marking capabilities of this system. The Slide-A-Mark feature acts as a self clamping device, and allows for minimal fixturing.
Link to Slide-A-Mark 8 and 10 ton page Slide-A-Mark 8/10 Ton: The model 751 (8 ton) and model 851 (10 ton) systems offer the widest array of options for integration. The Slide-A-Mark feature acts as a self clamping device, and allows for minimal fixturing. They are also offered with a wide range of holders and numbering heads.
Link to Standard Holders page Standard Holders: Quick change holders are used on the rod style K. These holders allow for the marking of larger legends.
Link to Floating Holders page Floating Holders: This option will adjust for slight variances in the marking surface. These are available on K style holders and the CMM adapters.
Link to Numbering Heads Page Numbering Heads: Numbering heads offer marking legend flexibility.These may function automatically for serial numbers, or manually for lot or part numbering. The benefits include simplicity of design, and rugged manufacturing.
Link to Anvils page Anvils: The perfect solution for marking on the opposite side of a sheet metal part from the marker. Simply installl marker and anvil on backside of sheet metal, and dovetail holder with stamps on the front side of the sheet metal.
Link to Round Inserts page Round Inserts: For use in CMT air impact markers with rod style "B", as well as the No. 8 inspector's hammer. Also useful in clamping devices for station code numbers.
Link to Flat Type page Flat Type: Flat type is held into a holder with a set screw. This method is recommended for use only in applications with smaller forces and minimal machine vibrations.
Link to Groove Type page Groove Type: Groove type is held into a holder with a spring clip or pin. This pin is made of spring steel, and is designed to withstand impact forces. Groove type comes in a variety of standard configurations: CMG, CMC and CMV.


Link to Valve Packs page Valve Packs: The Columbia Valve Pack is ideal for retrofitting automatic impact markers to existing lines without additional logic. These Valve Packs are sized for maximum power.
Link to Pedestal Mount page Pedestal Mount: Custom pedestals offer easy installation into production cells. Telescoping pedestal from 3' to 5' offers quick adjustment to located marking position. In addition, the retro-fit valve pack is mounted to the side.
Link to Sound Abatement page Sound Abatement: CMT offers the solution to reducing the db level of the noise produced by the vibration and resonance of the part in any marking method. From our standard deadening fixture (shown above) to complex holding devices.

Additional Information

Link to Marking Pressure Chart page Marking Pressure Chart: A detailed chart showing the relationship between character size and depth of mark, taking into account the type of material being marked as well.
Link to Model Pressure Chart page Model Pressure Chart: Find the air impact marker model best suited to your marking pressure requirements.
Link to Air Requirements page Air Requirements: A simple chart gives various information for Air Impact Models. The information includes the bore size, stroke length, and relative time to extend, CV, SCFM, and expected drop in pressure.
Link to Connector Styles page Connector Styles: Integrated position sensors are offered on select Air Impact Models. Two connection styles are available: Mini, or Euro.
Link to Punch Pressure page Punch Pressure: View our chart to calculate tons of pressure required to punch mild steel plates. CMT systems are used for more than marking.